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Winter Storm Damage Discussing winter storm damage with Muskogee city forester Carri Abner.
Selecting a Professional Caring for damaged trees and how to select a tree care professional.
Improper Pruning How not to prune trees after a storm.
Proper Pruning Proper pruning techniques after a storm

Tree City U.S.A. Officers of Tree Boards, Parks Superintendents, Urban Foresters, and Community Leaders from across Oklahoma discuss the positive impact that the Tree City U.S.A program has had on their communities.

Centennial Groves Oklahoma Gardening host Steve Owens visits two Centennial Groves and explains how you can start one in your community.
Pruning Mark Bays, Urban Forestry Coordinator, discusses the reasons for pruning and demonstrates proper techniques.
Proper Tree Harvesting Mark Bays describes the proper tools and demonstrates the techniques for tree harvesting.